Greencycle recycling collection service

Collection areas

Below are the areas we cover at present.  If we do not currently collect in your area, please register your interest and we will inform you as soon as we are able to. 

Collection Days and Times:

MORNING: 08.00am – 12.00pm
MIDDLE: 10.00am – 03.00pm
AFTERNOON: 11.00am – 04.00pm

Suburb Collection Day Collection Time Frequency
Amsterdamhoek Fri Morning Monthly
Beachview Thurs Afternoon Fortnightly
Benkamma Tues Afternoon Weekly
Beverly Grove Tues Afternoon Weekly
Blue Horizon Bay Mon Afternoon Monthly
Bluewater Bay Fri Morning Monthly
Broadwood Thurs Middle Weekly
Brymore Tues Afternoon Weekly
Bushy Park Thurs Afternoon Fortnightly
Central Wed Morning Weekly
Charlo Thurs Morning Weekly
Chelsea Thurs Morning Weekly
Cleary Park Fri Morning Monthly
Colleen Glen Thurs Afternoon Fortnightly
Cotswold Tues Afternoon Weekly
Cotswold Ext Tues Afternoon Weekly
Deal Party Fri Morning Monthly
Deer Park Thurs Morning Weekly
Essexvale Wed Morning Weekly
Fairview Tues Middle Weekly
Fernglen Tues Afternoon Weekly
Framesby Tues Afternoon Weekly
Framesby Gardens Tues Afternoon Weekly
Gelvandale Fri Morning Weekly
Glendinningvale Mon Morning Weekly
Glen Hurd Mon Afternoon Weekly
Greenbushes Mon Afternoon Weekly
Greenshields Park Thurs Morning Weekly
Heatherbank Thurs Morning Weekly
Holland Park Fri Morning Weekly
Humerail Wed Middle Weekly
Humewood Wed Afternoon Weekly
Kabega Park Mon Middle Weekly
Kamma Creek Tues Afternoon Weekly
Kamma Heights Tues Afternoon Weekly
Kamma Park Tues Afternoon Weekly
Kini Bay Thurs Afternoon Fortnightly
Korsten Fri Morning Weekly
Lakeside Thurs Afternoon Fortnightly
Linkside Mon Morning Weekly
Linton Grange Tues Afternoon Weekly
Lorraine Tues Afternoon Weekly
Lovemore Heights Thurs Morning Weekly
Lovemore Park Thurs Morning Weekly
Malabar Tues Afternoon Weekly
Mangold Park Mon Afternoon Weekly
Millard Grange Mon Morning Weekly
Mill Park Mon Morning Weekly
Miramar Thurs Morning Weekly
Morningside Tues Afternoon Weekly
Mount Croix Mon Morning Weekly
Mount Pleasant Thurs Afternoon Weekly
Murray Park Thurs Afternoon Fortnightly
Neave Fri Morning Weekly
Newton Park Mon Afternoon Weekly
Newton Park Business Wed Afternoon Weekly
North End Fri Morning Weekly
Overbaakens Mon Afternoon Weekly
Pari Park Thurs Morning Weekly
Parkside Fri Morning Weekly
Parsons Hill Mon Morning Weekly
Perridgevale Mon Morning Weekly
Providentia Thurs Morning Weekly
Redhouse Fri Morning Monthly
Richmond Hill Wed Morning Weekly
Rowallan Park Mon Middle Weekly
Sardinia Bay Thurs Morning Weekly
Schoenmakerskop Mon Afternoon Weekly
Seaview Thurs Afternoon Fortnightly
Settlers Park Wed Morning Weekly
Sherwood Tues Afternoon Weekly
Sidwell Fri Morning Weekly
South End Tues Morning Weekly
Springfield Thurs Morning Weekly
Summerstrand Wed Afternoon Weekly
Sunridge Park Tues Afternoon Weekly
Sydenham Fri Morning Weekly
Theesecombe Thurs Afternoon Fortnightly
Walmer Tues Morning Weekly
Walmer Downs Mon Afternoon Weekly
Walmer Heights Thurs Afternoon Weekly
Westering Tues Afternoon Weekly
Weybridge Park Tues Afternoon Weekly
Willow Glen Tues Afternoon Weekly
Wonderview Tues Afternoon Weekly
Woodlands Tues Afternoon Weekly