Greencycle recycling collection service


All items below can be purchased at Greencycle (see our map for directions) or can be delivered during our collection routes.

Warehouse Hours:
07:45 - 16:15 Monday to Thursday
07:45 - 15:00 Friday

Delivery charges:

Pre-Owned Glass Jars & Bottles

Jars: Various shapes and sizes; fancy glass bottles:

R2.00 each (extra small < 150ml)
R3.00 each (medium/large 150ml-1100ml)
R6.00 each (extra large >1100ml)

Come and choose from the user-friendly display at our warehouse.



Fold-Up Shopping Bags

Take our handy, fold-up bag with you wherever you go and keep those spur of the moment/must-have purchases green ... just R35 (free delivery to Greencycle customers).




Pre-owned Stationery

Available for purchase from Greencycle. Order via phone or email and we will deliver on collection day
(R20 minimum order, otherwise R25 delivery charge).

Price List

Item Quantity Price
Lever Arch/Ring Binder File each R 10.00
Plastic Lever Arch File each R 20.00
Plastic Sleeves per 10 R 4.00
Plastic Sleeves per 100 R 35.00
Flip Files (10 pockets) each R 5.00
Flip Files (20 pockets) each R 10.00
Flip Files (30 pockets) each R 15.00
Flip Files (50 Pockets) each R 20.00
Flip Files (100 pockets) each R 30.00
Bubble Wrap per kg R 6.00
File Dividers: 10 to 12 tabs per set R 6.00
File Dividers: 13+ tabs per set R 12.00
CD Cases each R 1.50
Fold back Paper Clips (small) each R 0.80
Fold back Paper Clips (medium) each R 1.00
Fold back Paper Clips (large) each R 1.50
Shredded paper for packing per kg R 5.50


Wonderbox Cooking Cushion

Polystyrene-filled, energy-saving cooking cushions. Everyone should have one!
(made by Motherwell buy-back centre)

Regular R135
Drawstring R160



Hats R75

Coasters R15 - R20

Bags R75 - R100

Bags R75 - R100